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08 Dec 2019


Joy Gurudev Joy Maa Shambho Mahā Deva

We are starting a FREE online Advance course on Rudrāksh starting from 2Dec only for our Vidhyaa group members. In this course we will learn about 1 to 21 Mukhi, Ganesh, Sāwar Ganesha, Gaurï Ganesha, Gaurï Shankar, Trijuthi & all the types of Rudrāksh that an householder can wear.

We will also learn how to recognise fake & real Rudrāksh, planets & Rudrāksh and many more things about Rudrāksh; all this is FREE.

The only cost will be if you want to buy or want to get Dikshaa of Mantras and learn the process to Energies Rudrāksh.

Enrolment on first come first served basis.

To Enrol pl contact your Mentor or group leader or on +919930577899 or 02249721789

Hari Aum Tatsat


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