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Ganesha Vidhyaa
06 Dec 2019

Ganesha Vidhyaa

Joy Gurudev - Joy Ganesh

There is a very big good news.

We are coming up with level 2 of Ganesha Vidhyaa course which is for parents and kids both in Hindi & English

➡ It's a course to convert impossible to possible

➡ To free kids & adults from different addictions like mobile, intoxicants etc

➡ To remove stress, anxiety, hurdles, madness, depression

➡ To develop brain power

➡ To correct planets

➡ To remove dark negative energies

➡ To cut Karma

➡ For development of kids who are differentially abled

➡ For maturity

➡ Freedom from anger

➡ To come out victorious from all difficult situations

And much more.


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Jayesh Purohit

Nice Workshop!

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