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Blog Two
10 Dec 2019

Blog Two

Joy Gurudev Joy Ganesha Joy Maa Shambho Mahā Deva Saha Naa BHAVATU

As I have told you before, I will like to remind you that Tuesday is the best day for Aura cleansing and days like Bhairav Jayanti are also very good.

On Tuesday 19 Nov is Kāl Bhairav jayanti and also Tuesday, which is best of the best day for Aura cleansing.

So please clean your Aura and your kids Aura on Tue specially for health and if you don't know how to perform Aura cleansing then at least please lit one 'Aura Cleanser' lemon incens sticks in each corner, in temple, in center, outside the main door and outside the window of your home and work place.

And also please remember to do Bhairav Ji s darshan.


Dr HitteshGurujee

Hari Aum Tatsat


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